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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Michaela  CNN  January 14, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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welcome to "@ this hour." i'm christine romans sitting in for michaela pereira. >> i'm john berman live in paris. new this morning, a major development in the attack that took place one week ago right behind me. now, a claim of responsibility. a commander of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula boast in an online video that his terror group ordered, planned, funded the attack on the "charlie hebdo" offices that killed 12 people and set off three days of terror here in the french capital. this al qaeda commander says "we clarified to islamic world that one who chose the target, laid the plan financed the operation
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and appointed its emir is the leadership in the organization. that new message comes on this day. the first publication of the satirical magazine, "charlie hebdo," since the attack hit the newsstands this morning. we visited stands around the city and they were sold out. dozens of people stuck at these keyiosks waiting to get their copies but many muslims in france were offended that the caricature of the prophet muhammad is on the cover and folks took offense in many other nations as well. authorities here in france tell us that 54 people have been detained for defending or glorifying terrorism. that's against the law here. it carries a sentence if convicted of somewhere between 18 months and up to seven years and some people detained have already been convicted. we're going to cover all angles of the story today. lots to discuss. many new developments. i want to bring in our senior
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international correspondent nick paton walsh for more on this claim of responsibility. this video from a commander of al qaeda in yemen. they claimed responsibility for the attack that took place behind me. >> and they report to give some sort of detail as to the kind of people in the leadership who are behind planning of this. the statement is given by a media spokesman. he's clear in this 12-minute speech that anwar al awlaki's success, a man not seen in the spotlight, was involved in the planning but operational command was done by an american citizen now deceased. he's a yemeni descent killed in 2011 by a drone strike. if we're to believe the contents of this claim of responsibility investigators are now going to work out precisely what kind of
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trail and links there are between the yemeni group and the brothers in paris. they said they work for al qaeda in yemen. french officials have hinted and confirmed that said the older brother, went to yemen on a number of occasions. perhaps cherif went on the passports of said in 2011. the question is if planning was in place, resources targeting in place in 2011 was it really the case that those brothers did nothing for three years and hid away and stayed off radar and then launched the attack or was there communication between yemen and al qaeda affiliates there and those brothers to launch and finish preparation for that attack. a key question investigators are looking at now. >> a point of clarification here. this video only claims responsibility for the attack that took place. the attack on offices of "charlie hebdo." what does it say about the
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attack by amedy coulibaly on the kosher market here? >> reporter: sthaes athat's a key point. it's just about the kouachi brothers. it says that amedy coulibaly, behind the attack that killed five on a kosher grocery store, they said that was not theirs but a coincidence of timing and of good fortune. remember that amedy coulibaly left behind a lengthy statement in which he pledged allegiance to isis the head of icesisisis. many observers say that isis and al qaeda particularly in syria, they compete for resources and territory. it's obviously clear that using social media and because of the savagery isis is known for, they've somewhat become more cutting edge of global jihad in the past year or so but with
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this statement it's al qaeda now trying to step back into the spotlight. to speak and say they were behind one of the most deadly attacks in the last ten years, john. >> thank you so much for laying out what is in that video and what it means. i want to bring in our national security analyst fran townsend to discuss this. a current member of the cia external advisory board and also director of homeland security. fran there was a key question raised by nick. the key question is was this actually planned way back in 2011 or was it inspired in 2011 given money to grow and really conceived and hatched here. i want to ask something specific. in the intelligence community where you operate, what is believed to be the current capability of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. >> there's no question john that al qaeda in the arabian peninsula remains as we heard in testimony of the director of national intelligence and cia
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director the most operationally capable al qaeda group in terms of its ability to target the united states. so on pure capability you would say they demonstrated consistently over the years and they have the most sophisticated bombmaker and multiple plots disrupted by saudi intelligence service and western intelligence services directed against the united states and in particular u.s. aviation. underwear bomber being best known but also computer cartridge tape but another one with a vest disrupted by saudi intelligence service. they are very capable and they're very determined. they are clear they want to attack the united states. from that perspective, the claim would be credible. we haven't seen the sort of typical video. a lot of times it takes months for them to release. we can't make a judgment but he speaks for al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. we heard from him frequently
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through their media arm. so at least on its face it has credibility. i think that they are doing greater assessments now. >> you brought up alp ansi. is he an operational leader? >> not clear that he's an operational leader. he's the guy who appeared in the video and gave 72 hours to the u.s. government claiming they would execute luke summers and then the failed u.s. raid and captors and hostages including luke were killed in that raid attempt. he then issued another video statement blaming president obama. in november he issued a video statement calling for attacks against those countries that were participating in the coalition in iraq and syria
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against isis. so he seems to be a strategist and spokesperson but recognized as speaking on behalf of the group. >> credible spokesman in the sense if he says it you can believe it's on behalf of the organization. fran townsend stick around. a lot more questions to you. up next following the terror money trail. who paid for these attacks? who helped plan them? we'll ask many more questions about everything that happened here in paris. the plot to poison the speaker of the house. john boehner's bartender is behind bars for allegedly wanting to kill the top lawmaker in the house. that incredible story ahead "@ this hour." [meow mix jingle slowly and quietly plucks] right on cue. [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow...♪ it's
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welcome back. a major development in the devastating attack here one week ago today at "charlie hebdo." al qaeda says that this attack was planned years ago and the group paid for it and planned the whole thing. one of the kouachi brothers left with $20,000 to fund these attacks. paul wrote a terrific book "asian storm" about the spy inside al qaeda in yemen who led the cia. that gets to the central
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question here. this video claims that al qaeda in yemen planned this attack. said anwar al awlaki was involved back in 2011 when one of them was in yemen. that how that group operates planning an attack? >> short answer is yes. that's how that group operates. anwar al awlaki was looking to recruit europeans for attacks back in europe the idea they would be trained in yemen and sent back to europe. we know that because this double agent told us about this. he was asked by al awlaki to try to do this while he was working for intelligence. al awlaki said when they went back to europe, they should camouflage camouflage. they were taken off the french surveillance list because they were judged no longer radical
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and after that it appears they put this plot into operation because perhaps they sensed they were no longer being followed. quite possible that this is a sleeper cell scenario here. we haven't seen those plots in the past of this duration it should be pointed out. mostly when westerners go and get training with al qaeda, it's been six months to a year after which they have launched an attack or a plot and we saw that with london bombings and a plot in new york to attack subways in 2009. >> it's a frightening scenario if it went as you said. it almost follows the exact map of what you say al qaeda in the arabian peninsula has been trying to do for years launching a sleeper sell in the west which gets me to a key question here. this happened in france. could this type of operation, this type of sleeper cell that's the term paul used there, a group of people who sort of
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terrorist ed drifted off the radar for a few years, it happened in france could that happen in the united states? >> sure. we should be clear the population that has left france and gone to fight and returned is much larger than what we hear from law enforcement officials in the united states. just the size and scope of the problem is much larger which makes it a harder problem for the french to address. it's why as paul says they are constantly looking at who they have under surveillance who can they take off the surveillance list to focus on the most radical. could it happen in the united states? certainly it could. as paul says this is a longer time for them to be quiet. we don't really understand why yet. we know that authorities are looking into that. was it because of the death of anwar al awlaki that delayed them or because they had difficulty getting weapons and one of the reasons they may have coordinated is because he did have access to weapons. those are things that intelligence and law enforcement
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officials are trying to understand now so they can apply that understanding in other countries around the world where they will look to identify sleeper cells. >> paul speak to me of the symbolic significance that continued of anwar al awlaki. he was killed by drones in 2011. you have people that carried out this brutal attack behind me claiming allegiance to him and the group saying he directed this operation. >> he has still huge symbolic significance. he inspired western extremists to plot attacks and launch attacks. a charismatic preacher who put out videos that are still online. he's still very popular indeed. he's the guy that inspired the boston bombings. he inspired that attack on the streets of london against a
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soldier in 2013 and someone who was previously operational. one of the worries is going to be that maybe there were other western extremists who metal all al awlaki before he was killed. there will be concern about his legacy in inspiring attacks but planning them from beyond the grave. >> i think those are the things u.s. intelligence and european intelligence officials are tracing right at this very moment. fran paul our thanks to you. let's go back to christine in new york. >> great discussion guys. up next it's hot off the presses flying off the stands. "charlie hebdo" selling out around the world in defiance of the terrorists whose aim was to stop the presses. details ahead at this hour.
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everywhere you look in paris this morning, at least this part of paris, there were lines. lines at newsstands to buy the latest copy of "charlie hebdo." this is the first time the satirical magazine was published since the attacks that took place one week ago behind me. they printed 3 million copies and it was not enough. now they say they'll put out an additional 2 million at least. that's more than 80 times the normal run of this magazine. the new cover, which cnn is not showing, shows a teary eyed prophet muhammad je suis charlie
8:22 am
and another message that says all is forgiven. join mg heing me to talk about this is brian stelter and awra who we'll get to in a minute. excitement on the streets was everywhere. we couldn't get a copy when we went to the newsstands. >> it took a long time for me to get ahold of. more copies are going to be printed. if you want one, we'll get you one but it will take days to print copies. we went out to one of the train stations to talk to people in line and here's what a few of them told us. >> i went to the newspaper store at 8:00 in the morning and they told me they had only 100 copies. they sold everything in 15 minutes. >> this is the last i was
8:23 am
thinking i would find one. i want my copy. >> i love that graphic on screen. up 8,000%. this magazine a worldwide symbol on display at the news museum in washington. >> awra what brian and i saw in this part of paris today, central paris, tourist paris was everyone trying to get their hands on a copy of this magazine in support for the people putting it out. you are in a different place from us even though it's only a few miles away. a muslim neighborhood in north paris. what's the reaction there been? >> reporter: first of all, there's a kiosk around the corner where the 125 copies that they have there were gone by 7:00 a.m. that being said the majority of the muslims that we've been speaking to throughout the entire day say that they wish the image of the prophet had not
8:24 am
been used again because no matter what the message behind it and written across is all is forgiven is just as offensive as it's always been. a key point to be made here. we did see an expression of solidarity with the victims of the horrific violence the attacks that took place last week. that expression of solidarity by the muslim community, the majority of the muslim community here in paris, does not mean that they support the use of the image of prophet muhammad and they continue to tell us that they feel that it is just going to further heighten the tensions here and that it's provocative move and it's an unnecessary one they believe to take it that far especially at such a sensitive time. >> it's an interesting thing to hear that message.
8:25 am
just because people are offended by it it's not inconsistent from something we heard here. there was a muslim that was yelling and condemning attacks here. you can still condemn the attacks here behind me and say you are offended by this magazine and wish that muhammad was not put on the cover, correct? >> exactly. and that's the issue here. a lot of the muslims that we've been speaking to say that as a community they were already feeling alienated in france. france has been embroiled in this debate about national identity for years right now and exactly what it means to be muslim in france. many of them feel as if this notion of france is for the french growing increasingly predominant. they are upset. they are anxious about the future. they are dissolutionillusioned. they feel like it's a strike at the core of their faith and a
8:26 am
deliberate strike at that. they are against violence especially violence that's being carried out allegedly in the name of islam. at the same time they just object to the use of the image of the prophet. >> there has been jihadi inspired violence in the past week. brian got new information. >> i just heard for the spokesman for the distributor putting this magazine out. he said 1 million today, 1 million tomorrow, 1 million friday and then 1 million over the weekend. basically every day there will be new copies coming to these newsstands even though it offends many. >> new news as they say, christine romans. 1 million copies of "charlie hebdo" a day until people stop buying it and that could be for some time. >> thanks guys. ahead "@ this hour," the most
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new this morning, claim of responsibility for the paris attacks. al qaeda in the arabian
8:31 am
peninsula releasing a video statement calling the brothers behind the attacks heroes. the group's commander said it chose the target laid out the plan and financed the operation. authorities still searching for this woman, hayat boumeddiene. she's a 26 year old believed to be the girlfriend of the terrorists killed in the attack on the paris kosher store. women participation in jihad is more common in the past four years. we speak to a young woman who supports jihad and who supports the paris attacks. >> translator: i can't really tell you why i cried for them so much. i was so angry that they were dead. why? why kill them? >> joining me now is cnn global affairs analyst kimberly dozier. one of the things is that more women are supporting and answering the call to become terrorists. why? >> reporter: this is not so new. there were 20 women suicide
8:32 am
bombers who were used by al qaeda in iraq during its bombing campaign during the occupation there. palestinian women have used women suicide bombers. a few years back it's been lost in the midst of the internet. a letter was issued calling on women muslims to join the jihad. isis has taken recruitment of these women to a whole different level. say you're a young woman who reaches out online. u.s. officials tell me they use these madison avenue tactics. they will pair that young woman with an attractive looking male who will entice them to come to syria and join the geejihad telling them we'll marry you to an important fighter and you'll have status within our organization and be part of something that you're not back home. >> whether you're a man or a
8:33 am
woman in the whole game of jihad, you are looking for something. we see it over and over again. peter bergen wrote a piece on that women should be turned off by this movement. it's a strange kind of equal opportunity. you can be part of the holy war that seeks to install taliban style utopia ensure you will never have a job or get an education. intellectually it doesn't make sense but it's appealing to people. >> isis has put out photographs that they created a women's brigade where women help search at checkpoints to see if syrians are trying to sneak weapons through or men are trying to disguise themselves as women. they're not just part of staying at home and keeping the home fires burning. they are actually part of the fight. >> the u.s. has had several women try to join islamic terrorists movements. the most famous so-called jihad jane who traveled to europe to scope out an attack on a swedishe
8:34 am
ish artist who had drawn a cartoon of the prophet muhammad. we even have the sister of a would-be jihadi in chicago who was going to go with her brother and wanted to go with her brother. a teenage girl. what can be done to stop the trend? >> this is one of the reasons that the white house and u.s. counterterrorism officials i have spoken to have talked about trying to take the word islam out of the language calling these people criminal extremists opposed to islamic militants. they don't want to let the militants use the cachet of the religion the faith, as a way to bring these people onboard. it really does become a war of ideas. otherwise, the same sort of things that draw the young men to this fight, the chance to be part of something that's larger than themselves and something they may not get in poor
8:35 am
communities whether it be europe or the united states. that's what they are traveling to join overseas. >> you look at anwar al awlaki who inspired these brothers. he grew up with means. his father was very important. he had a good education. best schools. he didn't fit that profile of not having worldly things and looking for something in his life. it's very complicated picture. no question. kimberly dozier thank you very much. john? >> thanks so much christine. coming up for us in paris, al qaeda now claims responsibility for the attack that took place right behind me. was the terror group really behind it and if they were is this group now a much stronger foe than officials anticipated? but first, the speaker of the house. was he almost assassinated? the plot to poison john boehner exposed. that's ahead "@ this hour." huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent
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two u.s. astronauts on the international space station have been evacuated. the flight engineer and the commander moved from the american side to the russian side of the station when an alarm sounded indicating a possible ammonia leak. a leak has not been confirmed. the american section of the space station has been isolated while the crew investigates. nasa is calling it a precautionary move and says both u.s. astronauts are safe. searchers located most of the fuselage from the doomed airasia flight at the bottom of the java sea. more than 100 bodies might be found inside that fuselage. divers are expected to look for them tomorrow. officials unloaded content from the cockpit voice and flight data recorders and scouring both for clues as to why this plane went down. a lot of questions at this
8:40 am
hour about the tragedy monday on a d.c. metro train. one passenger died more than 80 others sickened after the train filled with smoke. federal officials blame an electrical malfunction in the tunnel but there are questions about the speed of the emergency response. "the washington post" says rescuers waited in the station before heading down into the tunnel. some people say it took crews at least 40 minutes, 40 minutes in the smoke to get to the train. a train only about 800 feet away having to force open doors. officials have not explained why it took so long. we're learning more details at this hour about an ohio bartender's alleged plot to kill john boehner. he threatened to kill the house speaker by putting poison in his drink or shooting him. he's been indicted and is being evaluated at a federal prison hospital. this arrest went down in the fall. we're just learning details now. what happened here? >> good morning.
8:41 am
that's right. this went down at the end of october. the indictment just came through at the beginning of this month, january 7th. i have that one-count indictment and the criminal complaint right here. details of this case are bizarre. he worked as a bartender at the country club where john boehner was a member. he was fired at the end of october. managers say he was rude and angered some patrons. after he was fired, he called 911 himself and he said something odd about wanting to apologize to his father. police went to investigate. when they went to his house, he told them he was going to kill boehner because boehner was mean to him at the country club and because boehner is responsible for ebola. he also told police he had a loaded handgun, .380 barretta automatic and he would shoot boehner and take off. he talked about how he could have put something in boehner's
8:42 am
drink at the country club while serving him and hearing voices that john boehner was the devil. a history of mental illness. the speaker hasn't had much comment until just now. he said under his breath in passing, you can't make this stuff up. number two house majority leader kevin mccarthy did have this to say. >> it's a sad situation. i think this individual needs a great deal of help but the speaker needs to be protected. >> as he said anything to his colleagues about threats? what about yourself? you're a leader now. you have a detail. >> i think i'm okay. >> you may have heard that there. mccarthy said that speaker boehner hadn't mentioned a specific threat to any of the leadership or members of his caucus and that he believes he's okay. very bizarre story though. >> bizarre but incredibly serious. this is someone obviously with a lot of emotional problems mental health problems sitting across
8:43 am
the bar from the speaker of the house. really really bizarre. you can't make it up but also it's a wake-up call for security details. no question. thank you so much. >> up next from paris, caught on tape. the men behind the terror attack. this new video emerging that shows what happened as they were committing their deadly rampage. what does this video tell us? what clues does it give investigators about their training and how they may have carried this out.
8:44 am
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8:47 am
a major development in the attacks here in paris. a commander of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is on video claiming full responsibility for the attack here behind me at "charlie hebdo." this man on video says that this group chose the target laid out the plan and financed the operation. there's that video and there's also chilling new video in the moments that followed this attack behind me. the kouachi brothers massacre at the "charlie hebdo" magazine. in the video, brothers declare vengeance in the name of the prophet muhammad. look at the video for yourself.
8:48 am
and paul stockton. colonel, the first reaction to everyone i have spoken to is how calm and calculating these brothers were in the middle of this attack. they had just killed ten people. presumably they were trying to escape yet they looked to be taking their time to reload their weapons. >> john it's a great point. what it shows me is over the years that they have done some training and they have put themselves in that position. after you shoot ten people and when you're shooting they are amped up and nerves are going. they were able to control their nerves and do a pretty good job. >> mr. stockton i want to show you another piece of this video where you do show a confrontation between the brothers and police who tried to
8:49 am
get in their way. watch this. ct that these police who did confront these brothers, it's clear they just were not equipped to deal with this type of threat. heavily armed men with these rifles. how do you deal with this level of threat? >> the bravery is impressive. going toward now we need to
8:50 am
anticipate that adversaryies will be our police forces are better prepared to handle increasingly sophisticated threats. >> we're watching this one more time here. colonel reese, these men are moving in military formation here. two types of security are increased. troop presence and police presence. it seems that that troop presence is necessary to give people the feeling of safety. >> you're right. the government has to show the french people that they have control of the situation, they have to put the forces out there. but that's only going to last for a period of time. that's not sustainable. so right now, it's a feel-good type of aspect. get the troops out there.
8:51 am
let everyone see. make things secure until everyone gets past this investigation. and in a week or so this, too, shall pass. >> colonel james reese, paul stockton thank you so much for being with us. chilling moments. i know this country is looking to change things as they move towards important discussions to be had in paris and around the world. ahead at this hour they kill, kidnap and torture men, women and children in the name of allah. why you should be concerned about boko haram and how you can help its youngest victims.
8:52 am
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8:55 am
the nigerian army today repelled an attack by boko haram killing 40 of those militants. this is a very rare victory against the terrorists. it happened in the same area from which hundreds of schoolgirls were abducted last year. they're still gone. boko haram's attacks in nigeria are becoming more intense, they are ruthless. they are indiscriminate and officials are concerned they're not so much about tactics anymore. they think boko haram kills because it can. joining me is a professor and author. professor, what is boko haram's endgame here?
8:56 am
it seems as though it was sharia law, a rejection of western values and western education. but it seems as though this whole tactic has intensified into killing for killing's sake. >> well it's a situation analogous to what we find with isis in iraq. in the sense that essentially northern nigeria is being sectioned off from nigeria itself. so where now there isn't an iraq as we knew it or syria as we knew it we do not have a flirnlg nigeria as we knew it. they are essentially establishing their own sovr sovereignty over the northeastern part of the country and the government isn't doing much about it at all. >> they killed 40 militants today, a rare victory. the president running for reelection didn't even mention the killing of 2,000 people in
8:57 am
his country by boko haram just a week ago in the last week. will there be more of a response from the international community? will there be more response from the nigerian army? >> well the question you have to ask yourself is why has the president not addressed the question in the north? it's really a situation that emerges from nigeria's transition to democracy. the civilian president does not want to empower the military because he fears that if he were to give them the resources that were required they would threaten the civilian government itself. so it's really quite logical why he's not supporting the government. and in this context, the army does not have the resources with which to confront boko haram. so it isn't a question of whether he doesn't want to do it. there is a logic behind why he is not supporting the military. >> yet the rest of us look at
8:58 am
this and say, girls gone missing, sold into marriage, killed killed. we're told witnesses saying young girls as young as 10 being used as suicide bombers, boys being murdered. what is the west supposed to do? we have seen genocide in africa before where the west didn't do enough about it and really regretted it later on. should the international community be doing something? >> we need to be witnesses for the right stances to be taken in nigeria. however, what we have learned from the iraqi and the syrian experiences is that we cannot go in it alone. we first have to understand the logic of the civilian president and then try to reorient his thinking so that he becomes the president of the entire country rather than a president that is entirely preoccupied with the center and the south of the
8:59 am
country. essentially, from my perspective, he has written off the north because he doesn't think it's necessary for him to govern there. >> why do you think there has been such an international response and solidarity with france and terrorism in paris and this receives relatively less attention? >> it gets comparatively less attention because paris is paris and paris is a center of media. now, in the northeastern part of nigeria, this is essentially a no-go zone. consequently it is not going to get the attention that paris would get. but nonetheless, given how we were not present at the moment of the rwanda conflict and we acted belatedly in other crises in africa it is imperative upon
9:00 am
the american electorate and media to keep attention on this issue because hundreds indeed thousands of ordinary nigerians are suffering. >> professor, thank you so much for your expertise today. you can help the child victims of the violence in nigeria. head to our website, thank you for joining us. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." a major question today, how do you battle a dead terrorist? more than three years after the american muslim cleric anwar al awlaki was killed in a u.s. drone strike in yemen, his comrades there are calling him the mastermind of the "charlie hebdo" massacre in paris. the yemeni branch of al qaeda is declaring in a video that cherif


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